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3 Seater Garden Benches

3 Seater Garden Benches | Hardwood Garden Benches | Three Seater Garden Benches

Our 3 seater garden benches are Proving to be a popular choice for those looking for a perfect blend of comfortable seating space, eye-catching design and endless durability. Constructed from genuine grade-A teak, our 3 seater hardwood garden benches provide a lifetime of luxurious lounging pleasure for you and your guests. For 3 seater garden benches you won’t find anywhere else, buy with Corido.  

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  • £319.99

    A beautifully designed public remembrance bench with an added feature of a deeper top rail to accommodate carved inscriptions and memorial plaques, this Tribute 5ft teak commemorative memorial bench seat combines the benefits of practicality and style and would look graceful in any outdoor setting.

  • £184.99

    Offering ample seating for your guests during summer parties, this stylish Windsor teak 5ft garden bench adds to the scenery of your garden and works well to modernise existing garden furniture.

  • £299.99

    Hand crafted in the traditional manner using tight fitting, glued mortise and tenon joints which are secured with teak dowels, this timeless heavy duty 5ft teak park bench - street bench is equally suitable for both commercial and domestic use and features a stylish high back with cupped seats for added comfort.

  • £319.99

    Combining the benefits of functionality and style, this timeless Taverners wooden park bench is stylish, durable and creates an attractive focal point when teamed up with our garden furniture

  • £364.99

    A beautifully designed public bench manufactured using sustainably sourced solid teak, this bench features a graceful high back with wide, flat armrests that are ideal for resting your snacks and drinks on during long afternoons spent in the garden. 

  • £279.99

    Buy a matching Bench Cushion & Save 40% OFF the Cushion Price This teak lattice garden bench has a little more design to it than other outdoor benches, making it a great decorative focal point for any outdoor space.

  • £539.99

    This expertly crafted Chiswick 5ft Chippendale bench otherwise known as a Chinoiserie Bench offers a little more design than standard benches and features an intricately designed back rest which would look stunning in any outdoor setting.

  • £205.00

    Featuring an oval back and a slightly cupped seat for extra comfort, this medium sized teak 3 seater garden bench is stylishly simple and works well to blend in with existing garden furniture. Manufactured in the traditional manner with mortise and tenon joints using A-grade teak, this ascot bench will stand the test of time, giving you trouble free...

  • £205.00

    Hand crafted to the highest spec, this teak 3 seater garden bench is stylish, solid, comfortable and represents brilliant value for money. Manufactured in the traditional method using mortise and tenon joints, this durable outdoor furniture bench can remain outdoors all year round in any weather.

  • £429.99

    For larger outdoor areas, this stylish, practical and durable Salisbury outdoor wooden bench is the answer. Offering a fine sanded 'smooth to touch' finish, this 2m bench provides plentiful seating for you and your guests during summer gatherings and barbecues. 

  • £259.99

    Lutyens Bench - 40% Off  Matching Cushion with Every Bench Purchase. Designed by the well renowned architect Sir Edwin Lutyens in the 1800's, this elegant teak Lutyens bench is still very much popular today and has been manufactured using sustainably sourced A-grade teak. An elegant addition to any outdoor space, this bench provides ample seating for you...

  • £625.00

    Inspired by the designs of the pre-eminent british architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, This Cheltenham decorative bench offers a little more design than standard garden benches and adds an element of sophistication and luxury to your outdoor setting

  • £204.99

    This Teak Banana Bench sometimes referred to as a peanut bench or crescent bench because of its gently undulating design, features a curved top rail and a level seat - making it perfect for relaxing on during long hours spent in the garden.

  • £249.99

    Featuring a stylish top rail and a raked back for your added enjoyment, this banana garden bench offers the ultimate in style and comfort and would look stunning in any outdoor setting. Robustly constructed in the traditional manner of tight fitting, glued mortise and tenon joints in sustainable Grade-A teak.

  • £324.99

    Hand crafted to the highest spec in grade-A teak, this deluxe teak banana bench otherwise known as a peanut bench because of its smoothly undulating design is stylish, solid and makes a great focal point in any garden or outdoor space.

  • £475.00

    Perfect for storing your garden supplies and accessories, this teak outdoor storage bench also doubles up as a garden seat providing an ample seating solution for you and your guests during summer barbeques and gatherings.

  • £525.00

    Comfortably seating 3 adults, this durable teak garden storage bench with arms is perfect for keeping your gardening equipment out of sight and also doubles as a garden bench offering an ample seating solution.

  • £164.99

    This teak backless outdoor bench offers an attractive focal point in any outdoor or indoor setting. Featuring a backless design with cupped seats for extra comfort, this Westminster changing room bench offers a stylish alternative to standard garden benches.

  • £469.99

    A popular choice, this teak picnic bench offers a superb combination of solid construction and a traditional style that can be easily incorporated into any public setting or discerning home. Expertly manufactured in heavy-duty grade A teak to for lifelong durability and aesthetic appeal, this teak picnic table has been designed to withstand the harshest...

  • £349.99

    Creating a visually pleasing and comfortable seating solution, this quarter teak tree seat bench otherwise known as a wooden tree seat incorporates the stylish element of the tree into the landscape of your outdoor setting, creating a stunning focal point that is sure to impress the neighbours.


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We understand that you have your own specific needs and tastes, so if our extensive range of 3 garden benches doesn’t contain your perfect outdoor seat, no problem! Simply let us know using the “product customisation” option for any alterations needed. Whatever your requirements you can be sure to build your ideal garden bench with us. For beautifully designed, lifelong garden furniture, shop with Corido. Adding a balance of adequate size and endless luxury to your chosen outdoor space, our range of three seater garden benches will have you and your guests magnetised for hours on end. Offering a diverse range of designs, these 3 seater garden benches will fit in with any style of garden and will be sure to impress your neighbourhood. Thoroughly tested for their year-round durability, these 3 seater garden benches can be left out through the entire year without compromising their aesthetic or livelihood.

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