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Banana Chairs | Teak Garden Chairs

Banana Chairs

Banana Chairs | Teak Garden Chairs

With their iconic, contemporary design, our Banana chairs will be a charming addition to any outdoor space. Featuring a graceful curved rail, our teak garden chairs offer elegant style and comfortable, ample seating for you and your guests. Made from the finest grade-A teak, our Banana chairs can withstand any weather condition and can remain outdoors all year round for minimal fuss. 

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  • £144.99

    This teak banana chair sometimes referred to as a curved garden seat, because of its gently undulating design features a curved top rail and a level seat for your added style and comfort. Modestly sized to suit any garden space, this teak banana chair offers plenty of options for you and your guests during summer gatherings and is sure to leave a lasting...

  • £164.99

    Expertly hand crafted, this deluxe teak banana chair otherwise known as a garden tub chair because of its gently undulating design features a level seat with a new and improved 12cm wide sculptured top; making for the ultimate in style and comfort.


Extremely durable without compromising on comfort, our teak garden chairs are sure to bring you long lasting fruitful use for years to come. With a selection of sizes, you are sure to find Banana chairs that are perfect for your particular outdoor space. Choose from our range of Banana chairs.

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