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Clivedon Benches | Teak Garden Benches

Clivedon Benches

Clivedon Benches | Teak Garden Benches

Charming and classic, our Clivedon benches feature a curved design that will suit any outdoor space. Elegantly handcrafted from grade-A teak and sanded down for a beautiful, sleek surface, these teak garden benches are of the highest quality. Able to remain outdoors all year round, no matter the weather, these Clivedon benches require minimal fuss and are a stylish and practical choice for any garden. 

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  • £274.99 £324.99

    Expertly crafted to the highest spec, this teak garden companion seat otherwise known as a jack and jill seat adds a touch of elegance and grace to any discerning home or public setting. Manufactured entirely in sustainable Grade-A teak for long life and aesthetic appeal, this teak garden companion seat has been built to last and can be left outdoors all...

    £324.99 £274.99
  • £169.99

    Combining the benefits of practicality and style, this stylish Clivedon teak 2 seater garden bench provides an attractive focal point that adds focus to any landscape and works well to blend in with existing garden furniture.

  • £205.00

    Hand crafted to the highest spec, this teak 3 seater garden bench is stylish, solid, comfortable and represents brilliant value for money. Manufactured in the traditional method using mortise and tenon joints, this durable outdoor furniture bench can remain outdoors all year round in any weather.

  • £235.00

    Featuring a curved back rest to provide a slightly more casual and contemporary look, this teak 4 seater garden bench blends wonderfully in with modern garden furniture and provides a stunning focal point. Manufactured with genuine A-grade teak, this Clivedon solid wood bench is durable enough to be left outdoors all year round with minimal fuss, ensuring...

  • £299.99

    Combining the benefits of style and comfort, this beautifully crafted Clivedon teak garden companion seat otherwise known as wooden garden love seat or tete a tete bench adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any outdoor setting.


With a simple enough design to compliment any existing furniture but also stunning as a focal point, these teak garden benches will enhance your space. Built with comfort in mind, our Clivedon benches will provide you with long lasting garden relaxation for years to come.

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