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Memorial Benches

Our memorial commemorative bench placed in a park and carved inscription

What better way to be remembered than with a stunning bespoke memorial bench. Available with either an engraved plaque or a hand carved inscription, our personalised benches offer a lifetime of recollection for the dearly departed, or to celebrate life’s milestones such as anniversaries, birthdays and partnerships. Pass on your loving message with these commemorative teak benches.

Carved Inscriptions

There are several carving options available on most of our range of park benches.

Option A -If you have a favourite phrase, quote or dedication to someone special? This option is for you.

Option B -Perfect for adding important dates or extra details to your message.

Option C -For when one rail simply isn’t enough, this option is fantastic for longer, more detailed messages.

Option D -Have a favourite emblem, family crest or business logo? Our expert craftsmen can carve it into your bench with exceptional detail.

We understand that this optioning process may be troublesome. To discuss the available options in more detail, or for help deciding on your perfect memorial bench, call our expert team on 020 8655 6242.

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Which font is best for your carved inscription?

We recommend 2 typefaces for beautiful carved inscriptions.

Modern Arial - Choose this for maximum clarity and focus in your message.

Times New Roman - Add a sophisticated and traditional touch to your words.

The different font types available on our memorial benches

Memorial Plaques

Choose from a 150x 50mm Brass or Stainless Steel plaque with four different font styles.

Modern -For a clear and simple message with names and dates.

Roman -A traditional typeface suited for quotes and phrases.

Informal -Hand Lettered style. A human element for a light-hearted message.

Script-A calligraphic style for a sophisticated and traditional touch.

For further options or to speak to our experienced sales team for any advice on creating a commemorative bench please call 020 8655 6242.

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Personalised Bespoke Benches

Your level of personalisation doesn’t end there. In addition to the options mentioned above, we offer:

  • Optional font colouring on your plaque to add a touch of boldness
  • Different locations for your plaque or engraving (top rail, seat and armrest for example).
  • The option of modern stainless steel or classical bronze plaques.
  • Total control over your benches dimensions such as wider arms, slats and length of legs (longer being more suitable for the less able).
  • Fine-tuning of style and finishes (such as fine sanded, distressed oil and painted variants).

Facing all of these options can be difficult. Our expert team is customer focused and ready to help whenever we can. Simply call us on 020 8655 6242 for help building your perfect memorial bench.

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