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Street Benches | Wooden Park Benches | Teak 8ft Benches

8ft Garden Benches

Street Benches | Wooden Park Benches | Teak 8ft Benches

Stylish, solid and sturdy, these street benches are ideal for larger gardens or public spaces. Combining plentiful seating, maximum comfort and classic design, our wooden park benches are of the highest quality. Handcrafted out of grade-A teak, these teak 8ft benches are guaranteed extreme durability and longevity and will provide you with fruitful use for years to come.

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Able to withstand any weather conditions, our street benches can remain outside all year round, making them ideal for deployment in public spaces. Our wooden park benches require minimal maintenance and so are the perfection addition for your space. From classic Balmoral street benches to the more unique tree seats, we offer a wide variety of teak 8ft benches so you are sure to find your perfect style.

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