The summer holidays are over, and a new school year has begun! 

If you haven’t started thinking about how you will make the most of your school’s outside space, now is a great time to start planning. 

Quality school furniture is a fantastic addition to any playground, and can provide pupils and staff with a comfortable place to rest and relax during the school day. When it comes to choosing playground furniture, most will agree that sturdiness and longevity are essential selection criteria. Our school benches otherwise known as buddy benches or friendship benches are playground-proof, as they are extremely durable and built of premium A-grade teak, which can remain outside all year round, with minimal maintenance. We have a fantastic selection of standard, corner and circular or hexagonal tree benches to suit any space. 

Many schools have already ordered or been gifted one or more of our solid teak playground benches, for pupils and staff to enjoy for many years to come. These high quality buddy benches are often personalised with a hand carved engraving or a brass or steel plaque, either to celebrate school leavers, teachers and colleagues, or proudly bearing the name of the school or its houses.

Some schools have even installed a specific Friendship/Buddy Bench, which is a simple but effective concept and gives the children a special place to go and sit when they are lonely or want to talk to someone about something that is troubling them, be it big or small.

Outdoor assemblies and performances hosted in the playground can be enhanced by our range of sturdy backless school benches and clever folding or stacking chairs. These are perfect for creating a comfortable and handsome auditorium for pupils and/or guests to sit with a great view of the stage.

Schools and other discerning educational facilities can also benefit from our wide range of hard-wearing table and chairs sets and classic style picnic benches. Whether you are sitting outside for an inspiring outdoor lesson or enjoying a sociable lunch break, our friendship benches and chairs provide comfortable support for the whole group.

Regrettably, we hear many stories of benches in public places being stolen and it is a fact of life that we should consider taking precautions against theft. We offer ground anchors designed for anchoring a seat to either a hard or soft surface. The kits include simple instructions, L brackets and vandal resistant screws. Ground anchors are a small price to pay for piece of mind.

All items of furniture are delivered fully assembled for your immediate enjoyment however It is worth noting that some items and carvings can take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive from our factory in Indonesia. Therefore, if your timescales are tight, please give us a call on 020 8655 6242 to discuss your requirements in more detail and we will explore the options with you.