How Do You Want to be Remembered?

We know one thing immediately, you want to be remembered, we all do. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this and memorial benches wouldn’t be a thing.

So the question becomes how. You are reading this because you or someone you love is at a time in their life where they are thinking about the after. This deeply important, often challenging time is when we finally slow down enough to reflect. Deciding how you want to be remembered for the decades to come, the message you want to give, what legacy you intend to leave. These are all important questions, and your memorial garden bench may be one of them. That’s why we encourage those looking to Corido for a teak memorial bench to consider every option thoughtfully.

Commemorative benches often state that we lived. A name, two dates and maybe some warm wishes, there’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, it’s the most popular choice seen on memorial plaques and inscription. For others, their remembrance bench is not just a place to sit, but an opportunity to impact others with a message after they are gone.

We are remembered through the lessons we pass on. Do you want to state that you lived, or state how you lived by imparting some of the wisdom you’ve gained?

Whilst you are thinking about your answers, let’s look at the options involved.

Memorial Plaque or Engraving - The Small Decision

Carved engraving on a bench

Likely one of the easier choices you’ll need to make. Do you go for an engraved bench plaque, or carve onto the teak directly? At Corido, we offer both options to host your message in stunning quality for the lifetime of your bench, so it’s truly a matter of personal preference. Whether you choose an engraved plaque or a carved inscription we can offer different fonts and styles to suit the tone of your message.

If you are unsure which one you’d prefer, we are happy to provide mock-ups with your personal message to aid the decision. Contact us via email or telephone as listed at the end of this article for more information.

An Attractive Memorial Bench - The Medium Decision

teak memorial bench in park setting.jpg

You’ll need a beautiful bench to host your beautiful message. A personalised outdoor bench so high in quality and physical allure that passersby are compelled to take that long-awaited rest stop on your commemorative bench.

Make no mistakes, this isn’t about vanity. Far from it. This is about reaching as many people as possible. It’s about spreading your message of love, however big or small, and your memorial bench be it at a park or any outdoor space is your megaphone.

At Corido, we offer full personalisation on our highest quality grade-A teak memorial benches. We guarantee that your teak bench will survive a lifetime’s worth of seasonal abuse whilst still sporting your words proudly and clearly.

engraved park memorial bench

One of our many teak memorial benches (click image for more Memorial Benches).

Your Parting Gift - The Big Decision

Chances are that unless you are famous, your name alone won’t be associated with a particular lesson, impact or gift you gave to the world. You’ll need to use your words. You can have the most beautiful teak memorial bench in the world, but what really counts is your message on it.

No need to be revolutionary. In fact the best messages are the simplest ones. Maybe it can be your favourite quote, song lyrics that moved you, a stanza, a devotion to the ones you love, anything that adds value to the world and to others.

Whether you are buying for yourself or as a personalised gift, a high-quality, personalised memorial bench is the perfect way of extending your life’s impact, long after you’re gone.

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For more help deciding on your dream memorial bench, call us on 020 8655 6462 or email at [email protected]