A new year has begun, and many people will have made some resolutions, which may turn out to be difficult to keep. However, if your goal is to get organised and make the most of your garden, starting early is definitely the key to success. Spring will arrive before we know it, so January is the best time to start preparing for the gardening year ahead, and deciding how you want to structure your garden, including any changes you would like to make.


Garden designers are predicting that 2017’s trends will feature more natural materials and traditional designs, so teak wood furniture is a sure-fire way to introduce this trend into your garden. Whilst wooden furniture has always been a firm favourite for outdoor use, this trend can only strengthen its position and ensure that your investment remains a timeless asset to your outside space.


Teak wood furniture is perfect for use in the garden, especially our A-grade teak, as it requires very little maintenance. The naturally occurring oils and rubber help to protect the teak from the elements and also make it resistant to rot and insects. It is also a very hardy wood, so you can be confident that our robust benches, loungers and tables sets will be an indispensable part of your garden for many years.


Our solid teak garden benches not only provide comfortable, sturdy seating, but they can also become a focal point in your garden design. We have many styles to suit traditional or elegant designs, or if you are aiming for something more contemporary, our static teak and granite benches could be just what you are looking for. We also have a selection of curvaceous banana benches and chairs, which can look stunning in any garden.


We have a wide range of robust table and chairs sets, including extendable or folding tables and folding or stackable chairs, which are perfect for summer barbecues and garden parties. We also have smaller bistro-style sets for more intimate dining or enjoying your morning coffee out on the patio or balcony.

 Our 8 seater teak dining set

Sun loungers and steamer chairs can help you to utilise your garden for relaxation or topping up your tan, especially if you have a pool or a beautiful view to enjoy. We have a stunning range of these chairs and beds, and many incorporate clever design features, such as a slide away table under the lounger, or a removable footrest for the steamer chair.


If you already have a teak set which you are happy with, you may be thinking about getting it ready for use in the warmer months. We recommend using warm, soapy water for general cleaning, but if you have more stubborn marks or you want to restore and brighten discoloured, dirty dark-grey or green teak, our non-hazardous teak cleaner product may be just what you need.


Once your furniture is clean and dry, you may then want to apply something to help maintain the current colour. If your furniture is new, you may wish to retain the warm golden-brown colour, and our teak protector can help with that. However, if your furniture has weathered and you love the distinguished look of the silver-grey patina, our teak patinizer can help to protect that colour and also slows the growth of algae and fungi.


Another of our water-based products to consider is our teak sealer shield, which helps to protect your teak furniture from dirt and food and drink stains, so it is especially useful if you have a table.

 Metal animal ornament

2017 is also the Chinese Year of the Rooster, so why not celebrate this with one of our charming and quirky metal garden ornaments? You can choose either an abstract or more realistic design!

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