Teak garden furniture is very low maintenance, which makes it the perfect investment for your garden. Hardwearing and built to last, teak garden furniture needs only the occasional clean to remove any build-up of dirt and grime that accrues from being exposed to the elements.

If left untreated, your teak furniture will gradually weather to a silvery-grey patina, which is the desired look for many people. We offer a number of water-based teak care products that have been specially formulated to get the best out of your teak so you can keep it looking fresh throughout the years.

Before applying any teak care products, please ensure that your teak garden furniture is clean and dry. It is also a good idea to leave the furniture outside for a few weeks after delivery before applying any products as this will allow the natural oils to come to the surface first.

So whether you’ve just bought new teak furniture or have an old piece that needs to be revived, read on for our guide on the best way to keep your teak in tip top condition!

Teak Protector


Teak is a natural material so it can vary in colour, however new teak typically starts out as a pale-golden brown colour. Teak is a tropical hardwood and once exposed to the elements, over time it will gradually weather to a silvery-grey patina. How quickly this colour change occurs depends on your environment, it could take several months or start after only a few weeks. Drier conditions tend to take longer whereas moist climates often cause it to fade quicker.

If you love the honey-golden colour and want to preserve this tone then you can prolong the colour with the aid of our teak protector. By applying a thin layer of protector this will protect the wood from the bleaching effect of the sun’s rays by retarding the discolouration.

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Teak Cleaner


To remove everyday dirt and grime you can simply clean your teak with warm, soapy water and give it a good scrub with a sponge or cloth.

If the teak is particularly dirty, discoloured or you have old, weathered teak then our teak cleaner is perfect for reviving it. Our two-in-one formula not only cleans but brightens the colour of the teak. The cleaner will remove dirt and mildew from weathered teak or teak that has been neglected and restore it to its natural beauty.

The cleaner will brighten the teak and bring it back to its original honey-gold colour, so once cleaned you can decide whether to keep the honey-gold colour by applying protector or if you prefer the weathered look then let it weather to your desired colour again and apply the shield to maintain it.

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Teak Sealer Shield


If you love entertaining, you may want to consider applying sealer shield to your outdoor dining table. Our sealer shield acts as a barrier, so if you spill food or drink you can simply wipe it away before a stain has the chance to seep in.

This isn’t necessary on all teak furniture, but very handy for dining tables, coffee tables and side tables to keep your table tops looking great!

If you’re using this in conjunction with our teak protector then the sealer shield should be applied last.

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Avoid Mistakes


Despite the name, teak oil is actually not good for teak furniture! Traditionally this was created for the decking of a ship, but these days a lot of people have taken to coating their garden furniture with it.

The problem with teak oil is that it can actually be harmful to health and appearance of your teak furniture. High quality, grade-A teak has its own natural oils, so when you coat with teak oil it can destroy those natural oils and is more likely to encourage black spots and mildew growth. Teak oil stains the wood and will dramatically alter the colour of your teak, making it darker than the original honey-golden colour. As the furniture weathers over time, you may find that oiled teak will colour unevenly and require more maintenance.

Another thing to avoid is pressure washing tools. These can be too harsh on the wood, so we recommend washing by hand with soapy water, or a hosepipe can be used with a normal water pressure. You should aim to wash your furniture annually, the best time to wash it is on a fair and breezy day.

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Tip-Top Teak


Aside from teak care products there are a few other things you may want to consider to really make sure your furniture stands the test of time. If you have space to store your furniture then you may want to bring it inside for the winter season, this may be difficult with large pieces but if you have folding or stacking furniture then this might be a good idea.

If you have fixed or heavy furniture then you could purchase furniture covers, these will protect your furniture from the elements, but just make sure to get a breathable material so that you don’t encourage mildew growth!

We’ve hopefully given you a lot to think about with our guide to teak care and maintenance. Whether you want to prolong the original buttery colour or prefer the stylish weathered look, you now have all the knowledge to help you keep your teak garden furniture in tip-top condition for many years to come!

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