We need to start with an admission, the title that brought you here is false. There aren’t 5 reasons to buy teak garden furniture. Why? Because there are many reasons to buy luxury teak outdoor furniture, but we’d need a lot more time to go through them all. One thing is true though, you are interested in owning high-quality teak furniture otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, but you haven’t yet fully committed. We’re here to change that.

Here are 5 reasons to make summer 2017 the year you relax in complete luxury with your new furniture:


1. A Choice Between Form and Function? Not with Teak

teak companion seat

When faced with a choice there is usually a trade-off to be made. You either pick something that looks good -- think high-heels, cream carpets, an elaborate hairstyle -- or something that is convenient: running shoes or laminate flooring. Not with teak.

With high-end teak garden furniture, there is no tension between form and function. There is beauty in the wood, intricacy in the curves and dexterity in the craftsmanship, but with a level of durability unmatched by most other wood types.



2. It’s Easy to Maintain

Maintaining teak

Who wants to spend more time cleaning and maintaining their garden furniture than actually using it? That’s what makes teak the ideal material to use, it is considered one of the strongest woods in the world and can be left outdoors all year round in any weather.

Teak garden furniture just needs the occasional clean with soapy water but there are also some products that you can use to boost its looks. Teak does weather so if you prefer to hold on to the honey-gold colour you can coat with a Teak Protector, but if you love the stylish weathered look then you can use a Teak Patinizer to enhance it.

These simple products will keep your furniture looking beautiful for longer and give you more time to just enjoy your furniture!



3. You Are Saving the Planet

plantation teak

Did you know that virtually every piece of plastic ever produced still exists in one shape or form today, we only recycle 6% of it according to the American Chemistry Council. Those two facts together don’t paint a healthy picture for the planet. Plastic garden furniture isn’t doing our environment any favours.

Metal furniture isn’t any better. It’s made of steel, of which the world produced 1600 million metric tons in 2015 alone. Did I mention that we mine iron ore (which makes steel) from the earth?

Our plantation teak furniture is sourced from a sustainable, highly regulated region in Java. Eventually, your teak furniture will return its nutrients to the earth and be recycled by the planet. That is true sustainability.



4. Teak Garden Furniture Ages With You

Weathered aging teak

Undoubtedly the last thing you want to think about is aging, but it’s something we all have to go through. Teak furniture ages too, but unlike our friends and family, it doesn’t complain about it.

Teak furniture ages finely like wine. With time, if left untreated, it turns from its original buttery-gold hue to a sophisticated silver-grey in its transition towards maturity. This natural quality of teak furniture is partly what makes it so attractive as a long-term choice in both outdoor furniture and shipbuilding.




5. With Us, Your Teak Furniture is Personal

teak banana bench

When you buy with Corido, you have the opportunity to control the specific dimensions, finishes and engravings of your furniture to match your desires.

You aren’t simply buying a ready-made furniture set identical to countless others across the country, you are sculpting your own unique bespoke garden furniture design to accompany you for a lifetime. Why search endlessly for your dream furniture? Simply create it.

For more information on our products and custom orders, contact us at [email protected] or by telephone on 020 8655 6242.